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The Butler System



The cleaning and restoration machine most widely recognized as the leader in quality and value.

More than a year of research and testing went into the purchase decisions for equipment and products at Carpet Pro Cleaners. Through market data analysis and industry research, we cam to the conclusion that one company and one machine stood above the rest. Ultimately, CPC decide to partner with Butler System, van powered equipment and use their equipment exclusively. CPC was seeking the most efficient, powerful and effective equipment in the industry.  Given our array of services, our span across commercial and residential cleaning and our commitment to providing the safest cleaning option, the Butler System's are the perfect fit for CPC's model. 

Like Carpet Pro Cleaners, Butler is an American based, family owned business with a focus and interest on providing quality products and services to a vast network of customers.  We are a proud partner of Butler's patented equipment and challenge our competitors and consumers alike to find a better, more powerful or more effective machine on the market.  With our added modifications, Carpet Pro Cleaners has successfully differentiated itself as Raleigh's safest and most reputable company.




Carpet Pro Cleaners utilizes the Butler system,- a cleaning and restoration machine widely recognized as the leader in quality and value in carpet cleaning.  The latest technology, combined with an outstanding tradition of hands-on craftsmanship, has defined the Butler System now for over 35 years...  Learn more




In addition our vans are outfitted with the Rotovac 360i carpet restoration system. Having the Rotovac on board and the ability to dispatch it to the most heavily soiled carpets in The Triangle has taken our cleaning services to the next level and renewed our commitment to raise the industry standard... Learn more



Purified Water Systems

Carpet Pro Cleaners uses filtration and ionization systems to enhance the cleaning process.  This filtration and purification process brings our customers a number of environmentally friendly benefits, the most important of which is that it reduces the number of chemicals we employ under our variety of services... Learn more










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