With our decade of experience in carpet cleaning we have encountered many scenarios where consumer grade spot cleaners have brought permanency to a stain making it impossible to remove. This set us on a mission to create a spot treatment and stain removal product that followed our simple ethos of: safe, green and effective.

We bring you GreenSafeSurface Stain Remover.

Containing an active citrus-sourced solvent, 100% distilled water and an organic surfactant and essential oils, GreenSafe is a product we are proud to offer to you as your first line of defence against permanent staining. GreenSafe: Green. Safe. Cleaner.


As for any spills, spots and stains, addressing early helps combat permanence. This product was designed and tested on carpets. For upholstery and linen, please spot-test a small, discreet area before application.

  • Using a damp cloth or unprinted paper towel, blot up any excess before treatment
  • Apply GreenSafe generously and evenly over affected area.
  • Place a clean damp cloth or unprinted paper towel over the area
  • Apply light, even pressure to area for 30-45 minutes to help activate treatment and absorb the spill.
  • Check stain, blot any excess and reapply for stubborn stains.
  • Let area dry and vacuum.

For best results, use GreenSafe as a pre-treatment for professional steam cleaning. To book your next professional carpet cleaning or to ask any questions please contact us.