Carpet Pro Cleaners is proud to serve both the residential communities surrounding the Research Triangle Park, and the businesses located within:

Carpet Pro Cleaners came out to our 37,000 RTP commercial office building and zapped away worn in stains that have been here for decades. I highly recommend them for commercial buildings and and I also recently recommended them to the Bynum community chatlist where I live!! Thanks Stacy you rock!!

Gavin, RTP

Carpet Pro Cleaners can handle any size job, small or large:

When it comes to abuse, carpets see the worst of the worst. This is often more true in the workplace where the amount of foot traffic from employees and customers can be exponentially higher. Industrial grade carpets were developed for this reason and they can certainly withstand a lot of wear and tear, but even vacuuming daily can’t reach the deep down dirt that penetrate the surface of your carpeting. That is why regular steam cleaning is a critical part of maintaining a safe and sanitary environment for your customers and employees.

Don’t allow stains, odors and allergens to build up, remove them with the help of our trained carpet cleaning technicians. Carpet Pro Cleaners will be proud to come to your business and provide you with top quality carpet cleaning and stain removal services.

How your office can benefit from Carpet Cleaning:

Although a home with plenty of children and pets can acquire a dirty carpet in lightning speed, office carpets have a higher concentration of wear and tear than most people realize. Even if your office is vacuumed daily, in an environment where dozens or hundreds of people are bringing in dirt and grime from outside in, vacuuming barely scratches the surface. Office flooring and carpeting can be a major investment when it comes time to replace it. Carpet Pro Cleaners is here to help you maintain the carpet in your workplace and extend its life. We provide free estimates and would be pleased to offer discounted cleaning packages for those interested in setting routine cleaning and maintenance appointments.