Filtered, Purified Water

Our mission at Carpet Pro Cleaners is and always has been to bring the safest, most effective cleaning process and products into your home or business. The road to providing the greenest cleaning solution has been long and informative. From the outset, we have sought ways to enhance our equipment and process to continually improve quality and minimize the impact our cleaners and waste have on the environment. One integral step in this process was the addition of a series of filtration and ionization tanks within each of our vans.

The added expense has been well worth the benefits of these additions and yet another reason why CPC has become Raleigh’s safest and most reputable cleaning company. Not only does this, “lab grade” cleaning water help us penetrate deeply imbedded soil and stains but in turn, we are able to reduce the volume and variation of cleaning products required.
By using our customized, advanced water filtration systems, we are staying committed to delivering environmentally friendly products and water solutions that minimize the impact on the environment while bringing benefits to our customers.


Carpet Pro Cleaners utilizes the Butler system,- a cleaning and restoration machine widely recognized as the leader in quality and value in carpet cleaning. The latest technology, combined with an outstanding tradition of hands-on craftsmanship, has defined the Butler System now for over 35 years… Learn more


In addition our vans are outfitted with the Rotovac 360i carpet restoration system. Having the Rotovac on board and the ability to dispatch it to the most heavily soiled carpets in The Triangle has taken our cleaning services to the next level and renewed our commitment to raise the industry standard… Learn more