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Have pet stain and odor issues?
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Pets are a great company, but sometimes, even the best trained animals have accidents on our carpets. If you have already been through this experience, you would know that in many cases, cleaning the carpets on your own won’t suffice. That’s because the urine deposited in the carpet will soak into the backing of the carpet, the padding underneath and potentially the sub flooring. When the urine dries, even though the liquid evaporates, the urine crystals are left behind and become more pungent. Hence, a simple cleaning treatment or home remedy won’t work. Carpet Pro Cleaners specializes in this type of evaluation and cleaning. Our pet stains and pet odor removal techniques are designed to effectively eliminate even the most relentless and potent pet stains from your carpet. Our professional services are available throughout Morrisville, Apex, Cary, Durham, and Raleigh.

Moreover, at Carpet Pro Cleaners, we rely on effective cleaning methods and products that are sustainable and safe for the planet. Although our pet stain products are not entirely “plant based”, our cleaning services are child and pet safe and our goal is always to minimize toxicity anywhere we can. Ammonia crystals which form from urine deposits are themselves toxic, so it is important to treat aggressively in the beginning.

We have literally thousands of satisfied customers who have hired our carpet cleaning services in Raleigh to clean up stains and odors left behind by their loving pets. These people and their referrals are the backbone of Carpet Pro Cleaners and the primary reason why we’re happy to call the Triangle our home.

The technicians at Carpet Pro Cleaners are all certified and trained, with a combined 68 years of floor care experience.. All our staff carries countless months of experience and a wealth of knowledge in pet damage clean up services. Most of our folks come from cleaning or other service industries, and all of them are part of a family style culture. One of our primary goals is to ensure your trust and comfort with our staff members in your home and are very proud of the long standing relationships and reputations we’ve nurtured in this area.

Carpet Pro Cleaners: Safe, Reliable & Trusted Pet Damage Cleanup Services

We have studied many pet damage cleanup companies, products and services. From our observations, most of them use the same products, same cleaning techniques, and same equipments. Since we do not wish to be run of the mill, we chose to do things differently. Firstly, in comparison to other players, we use lab grade water in our processes. Secondly, we avoid using chemical-based cleaning products such as VOC, detergents and phosphates that contain harsh toxins and are known for causing adverse effects. Rest assured, you will find that our entire product line is safe and predominantly plant-based.

Additionally, we have also partnered with PROCYON, well-known makers of environmentally safe and quality products that are certified under Green Seal’s revised standards. Green Seal is Our sustainable, environmentally-friendly, efficient and safe cleaning processes have been certified by Green Seal, a non-profit environmental standard development and certification organization that offers certification to those products that meet its requirements in performance, health and sustainability criteria. With this certification, we can proudly say that our cleaning processes and products exceeds excellence.

Why Avail Carpet Pet Damage Services Promptly?

Accidents are inevitable and they happen even when the pets are fully trained. But carpet damages need to be immediately addressed otherwise the damages can become irreversible, often leaving no choice but to get the carpet replaced prematurely. These damages, if caught in the early stages, can be effectively restored at low costs. But when prompt action is not taken, then it may deepen the damages, and also increases the cost of the services. 

So, act promptly!

We are available 6 days a week to schedule bookings. Book us online by using our real-time scheduling service or feel free to give us a call if you have any queries regarding our services, products or process.

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