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Regrouting to Renew Your Old Grout & Give your Floor a Fresh Look!

Over time, just like carpets, tile floors and surfaces tend to lose its beauty and shine. A lot of dirt builds up on the tile floors, often causing discoloration in the grout. Since grout is porous and absorbs dirt and debris on it, regular scrubbing and mopping do not yield desirable results. Mopping can only remove surface soil, but never the embedded dirt.

Old grout allows all kinds of dirt, spills, grime, and soap residue to stain and discolor the surface. None of the over-the-counter tile/grout cleaners will help you achieve a satisfactory level of grout cleaning. You need the help of professional grout cleaners who have a complete solution for grout cleaning. Allow the grout cleaning experts of Carpet Pro. Cleaners for experiencing a hassle-free grout cleaning service.

When to regrout an old grout?

A damaged grout may not look spoiled from the outside, but if the grout looks yellow and discolored, then this is an indication that the grout is indeed in a poor condition. With each passing day, water will start making its way through the weakened grout and eventually, mold and mildew will grow in the walls. These are some of the occasions when you need to regrout an old grout. And, if your grout is discolored or you wish to update the look, then also you can avail professional regrouting & grout repair services from Carpet Pro. Cleaners.

Is It Viable To Regrout The Old Grout By Yourself?

In order to perform grout repair effectively, the old grout needs to be cut & scrapped out before regrouting. Besides having the right knowledge, one also requires access to specialized tools in order to effectively regrout the old grout. For instance, a power tool is to be used for removing grout. But, be careful while using this tool on the tile edges, if it is forced too hard, then the tile may chip. Soon after the grout is removed, the next is to angle the blade to remove more grout. And again, the tool needs to be used tactfully so it doesn’t break or chip the tile. Once you remove the old grout, you are halfway. You need to apply fresh grout as well and then remove the excess grout once it dries up.

Regrouting yourself could sometimes cause more damage than saving a few bucks. So we strongly advise taking the help of professional regrout experts to renew the old grout.

How Can Carpet Pro. Cleaners Help In Grout Repair or Regrouting Old Grouts?

Our regrouting experts can offer their specialized services for all types of tiles including porcelain, ceramic, limestone and travertine. From our experience, the most common areas in a home that usually require regrouting are bathroom floors, kitchen floors, hallways, foyers, and entryways. Our well trained Regrouting experts have the skills and the right amount of training to ensure that professional regrouting services are rendered to our clients. Also, we rely on the latest power tools and products that remove as much grout as possible before applying fresh grout. Our regrouting process is effective and safe.

Why Regrout Your Tile Floor?

If your grout is damaged or is too old to be renewed just by professional tile/grout cleaning, Regrouting is the way to go. Regrouting will produce results that can’t be achieved simply by cleaning with a toothbrush and a bucket. It will completely renew the look of your floor.

In the past, we have helped many homeowners renew their old grouts by employing effective regrouting measures. All of our previous clients have loved our work and also referred us to their social groups. At Carpet Pro. Cleaners, we take customer satisfaction seriously and we go to extreme lengths to ensure 100% customer satisfaction in all of our endeavors.

Our Regrouting pros are available to service your needs in Raleigh, Durham, Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Morrisville, Chapel Hill, RTP and more.

If you wish to inquire about our regrouting or grout repair services, call us today at 919-376-6055 or book an appointment. Our friendly customer representative will be happy to assist.


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