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Go Green with Green Guard Carpet & Upholstery Protectant

At Carpet Pro Cleaners, a professional carpet cleaner serving Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex & nearby, we care for the environment. We use Green Guard to protect your carpet & upholstery from staining & yellowing or browning.

If you care about your environment and health of your family you will love Tri-Plex Green Guard Carpet/Upholstery Protectant. The product works fantastic, is made of 100% organic ingredients and is not as expensive as a traditional chemical-based carpet and upholstery protectants in the market.

Green Guard is a technically superior carpet and upholstery protectant that comes with anti-stain and anti-soiling properties that help to neutralize alkalinity residues and limit wicking to carpets. It bears the US EPA DfE safe choice seal. This proves that it is designed for the environment and is safe for your children and pets. The product is revolutionizing the industry by offering superb performance, cost benefits to the consumer and for causing zero negative impact on the environment. Green Guard Carpet/Upholstery Protect is fast becoming the preferred carpet stain protection solution for commercial as well as residential use. 

Green Guard Carpet Cleaner – Eco-friendly Carpet Protection You Always Wanted

Keeping carpet clean is not an easy job. People who are environmentally sensitive always feel guilty about using chemical based cleaners but feel helpless. Thanks to Green Guard Carpet Cleaner, people now have a green choice at hand and at a much lower cost! Cost wise you are probably looking at paying less than 1 cent per square feet of your carpet coverage to keep your carpet cleaner and stain free for longer. That’s not a bad investment at all!

All you need to do to is simply spray Green Guard Carpet Protectant on your carpet. The advanced polymer-based nano-technology will magically work towards carpet yellowing or browning removal and help prolong the life and beauty of your carpet. When you get carpet cleaning done from Carpet Pro. Cleaners we always use Green Guard Carpet Protectant.

Green Guard Upholstery Cleaner – Makes Your Home Green and Clean

Clean upholstery is an absolute must to maintain the hygienic and germ-free environment at home. Stained upholstery also casts a negative impression on the visitors. If you are careful about your health and image, feel strongly about protecting your environment and at the same time are budget sensitive, Green Guard Upholstery Protect is the product designed especially for you. The advanced upholstery stain protection solution comes with encapsulation chemistry that prevents dirt and stains from attaching to the upholstery fibers. This inhibits faster soiling and staining of your upholstery and helps it stay cleaner for longer.

Simply spray Green Guard Upholstery Protectant on your sofa, cushions or love seats and prevent ugly stains and curtail the browning or yellowing of your upholstery fabric. As compared to conventional non-green upholstery cleaners, Green Guard Upholstery Protectant is much cheaper and much safer to use. When you get upholstery cleaning done from Carpet Pro. Cleaners we always use Green Guard Upholstery Protectant.

Ask Carpet Pro Cleaners about carpet & upholstery protection when you schedule a visit to your home or office.

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