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So Many Pet Stains…

Pet Odor Decontamination

Pet odors are common and caused by urine, feces, body oils or dander from animals occupying your home. There are three primary reasons consumers frequently hire professional steam cleaners to perform services intended to rectify these odors. First, they wish to make their home temporarily smell better. Second, they own or manage a rental property and are prepping for renters. Third, they are buying or selling the property and wish to permanently guarantee the removal of odor and dander left behind by previous pets and humans.

Complete odor removal in many situations may require a variety of techniques and procedures performed by Carpet Pro Cleaners, including the following:

Pet Stain Removal
  • The removal of contaminated carpet padding and tac strips & replacement
  • Treating the backing of the carpet to decontaminate
  • The use of enzymatic digesters and oxidizers and other odor counteractants
  • Sealing the subflooring with non-vapor permeable coating
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the carpet

Proper inspection for pet staining and odor decontamination is an essential part of all of our initial inspections. Your Carpet Pro Technician will communicate proper expectations and provide a clear understanding of the following.

  1. The number, type and other specifics of animals present
  2. The degree of penetration into carpet, padding, and other building materials
  3. The overall amount of urine in the carpet and/or flooring
  4. Identifying the gender, weight, and type of animal present will help identify typical patterns and commonly seen stains, thus aiding in the treatment applied
  5. Habitual location of urination. When animals continuously return to specific areas to urinate, the fibers and backing of the carpet begin to deteriorate and the stains seep further down.
  6. Noting that during warmer and/or more humid times of the year, odors may be exacerbated.
  7. Communicating the difference between natural and synthetic stains and odor treatments and determining age condition and cost of full remediation services.

The Chemistry of Pet Odors

Urine is composed of water, excess proteins, hormones, inorganic salts, urea, uric acid, urochrome (a natural pigment) and other compounds. Urine is usually classified into two primary categories:

  • Recently (freshly) deposited acidic residue.
  • Dry deposits. At this stage, all water has evaporated and alkaline salts are all that remains.

Urine salts are hygroscopic (moisture induced) and attract atmospheric moisture. Odors are released when this process occurs. In order to effectively remedy pet staining and odors, urine salts must be removed. Dried urine salts are not readily water-soluble. Cleaning with products on the acid side of the PH scale is the first step, followed soon after by a low PH sanitizing rinse solution.

At CPC, we specialize in combating pet stain and odor issues. It’s something we deal with more than any other carpet cleaning company in Eastern North Carolina based on our volume and specialized interest in residential cleaning. We strive to provide affordable and safe cleaning options in these instances and rely on a close-knit group of highly trained technicians to properly evaluate and discuss all possible cleaning options. We understand the wide variety of needs, expectations, and stipulations and like similar industries, rely on the honest, hard work of our employees here in Raleigh to make pet stains and pet odors a thing of the past. Call our Pet Stain Removal Professionals at 919-376-6055 in Raleigh, Durham, Apex, Cary and nearby.

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